Hey Dan Dakich, I Was Wrong

Hey Dan Dakich, I Was Wrong


First off, I don't earn money in the media. I am OK with admitting when I'm wrong.

This is not my job.

And finally, I've had a lot of more important things to do than blast people I've never met over and over in any public medium possible.

None of that can be said about Dan Dakich during the past few weeks- The most important thing for him following a barrage of name-calling aimed at Purdue fans via Twitter was to double down and go after this site and other Boiler backers on his radio show and via Twitter.

I didn't hear it...but a few friends of mine texted me about it- He called us dumb and insulted our intelligence in other ways because we dared to ask for specifics. When he was vague, we looked for clarity asking- What do you mean?

He minced words, hemmed and hawed, stayed nebulous and then got on the defensive. Turns out, Caleb Swanigan did end up committing to Purdue. But unlike what Dakich tweeted a while ago, it was far from 'done' when he said it was.

According to Swanigan's guardian, Cal and UK both were looked at as possible landing spots for Biggie following his leaked decomittment from MSU...but they weren't the right fit.

So where I eat crow is not with Dakich, but with my pal, and co-founder of this site, J Money.

I was wrong, J- Dan Dakich is clearly not worth defending.

For the past few years when J told me that Dakich was a hack, I told him that the 3-4 ex-interim IU coach was pretty funny at times...was entertaining when putting IU fans in their place, was a good radio host and was one of the best color guys during college basketball games on EsPN. It seems that not only does Dakich fly by the seat of his pants regularly on Twitter and on the radio, but he also gets angry at anyone who dares to ask him for clarification.

Opinionated people are sometimes tough to deal with (so my wife tells me)...loud-mouthed 50-something year old name-callers who act like grade school bullies are indefensible. So, I've changed my tune- I'm not going to listen to Dakich anymore on local radio here in Indy, I'll mute the TV when he's calling games and I'll never defend him when a fellow Boiler rightfully calls him out for being a blowhard.

One more thing- I'll also eat crow publicly here with a few more of my friends. I was wrong again- I never thought Purdue had a snowball's chance in hell at getting Swanigan.

Admitting you're wrong can be therapeutic. Mr. Dakich should try it some time.

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