Yeah, It's Time to Be Optimistic

Yeah, It's Time to Be Optimistic


It's been a long time since Purdue fans could just be giddy with anticipation...about anything really...right? I think we've all become pretty accustomed to dashed hopes and the perpetual season of managed of expectations.

Well f*** that.

I used to be an optimist...about everything. I'm now 39...Like all of you guys, life has jaded me a bit...being a brainwashed-since-birth Purdue fan has jaded me a bit more. And with the more sober outlook that I have acquired, I can tell you- managed expectations stink.

Having your head in the clouds doesn't make you too productive either in the real world...BUT, having capable people around you and working toward a big goal seems like a pretty good place to be.

I read someplace that high expectations cause people to work harder, dream bigger, dare greater and become something they couldn't have without a lofty goal. I've also just read that Caleb Swanigan wants to bring a national championship to West LaLa.

Lofty, indeed.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.11.48 PM

There are tons of teams loaded with bluechips in America...most of them don't have a ton of leadership. Purdue will have two proven Senior leaders in 2015-16 on the court, some young talent and a few developing guys looking to take the next step.

The Forces of Good just got their first McDonald's All-American since the early mid-90s. Does it cure everything? No. Does it change a lot? Crap yeah it does.

All of a sudden, AJ Hammons might not be double teamed...Edwards will be guarded by the opposition's third option and teams will be forced to leave The Kid, Mathias and Cline by themselves quite often.

Purdue gets another unselfish passer in the post with Swanigan, a big body that carves out space and demands respect in the blocks, a solid mid-range shooter and a tenacious rebounder on both sides of the court.

If you haven't already, enjoy the fact that your Boilers are national sports news right now...for a good reason.

We'll have more on Biggie and the rest of our Boilers in the coming days, maybe hours. The world hasn't really changed all that much...but our outlook has.

Go Boilers.

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