So...What Are You Guys Doing Next Week?

Next week the Boilers take on Iowa in the first Big Ten conference game of the season. And, frankly, Iowa is so terrible, we don't think we can watch. Seriously, the bloodshed may be enough to give this one a "mature audiences only" rating. I know I don't like watching baby seals get clubbed, but maybe you sick bastards do.

Does anyone want to write the game recap column? Seriously, we're offering this up in the hopes that someone who is brave enough to watch that game is willing to share their observations. We're afraid watching Iowa basketball might make us worse hoopsters than we already are and, well, we can't afford that.

Actually, none of the above is true, except that we do want someone to write about the game. Fact is, b-dowd and I will both be becoming papas and Tim is out of town antiquing that week.

So if you're interested, drop us a line at and tell us you're up for it. If we get multiple offers, we'll have to figure out a way to decide. I'm thinking arm-wrestling. Only requirements are that you need to offer insight and opinions and not just a stat line -- people can get that from the worldwide leader. Remember, they come to Chotchkie's for the atmosphere and the attitude. That's what the flair's about. It's about fun.

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