Katz Weighs in on '09/'10

EsPN's Andy Katz has kind of a different look at the top-25, with the Boilers, yet again in the top-10.

Four Big Ten squads are in the top-25, not including aOSU, who I think will be a tough team. So, perhaps the BT will get out of the media's doghouse?


None of this matters anyway...as Katz points to, much of next season can be changed by a few recruits that are still undecided, transfers and defections to the NBA.

Something very interesting, if not shady might be shaping up at Kentucky...UK has a chance to sign the top-two players in the nation (one's already verballed, the other had previously verballed to Memphis when Cal was there)...and two more top-35 players are already signed. That class would make them a top-5 team, especially if Meeks stays...could get interesting.

Spring Ball Note
I was speaking with my brother about the scrimmage that Purdue had Saturday, and he said what he always says about Spring football- it's never fair to judge a team based on Spring ball...

And he's right. This week, the defense dominated the scrimmage after the offense, specifically the running backs playing very well last week. This week, neither quarterback was particularly effective (from the look of the stats) and only the interior receivers & tight ends (watch this developing theme) had noteworthy receiving games...and the running backs were pretty mediocre.

If one side of the ball does well, you wonder what's wrong with the other side of the ball...it's hard to measure. Another reminder he gave me was how Mark (Ham) Burgler outshined Drew Brees during one Black/Gold game back in the late-90s...Who? you might ask...precisely my point.

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