A Look at Kelsey Barlow

Indianapolis Cathedral's Kelsey Barlow in action.

From the video, he seems to be a point forward of sorts with great vision and court awareness. He's also deceptively-quick. I've seen him play in person twice, and thought he looked a bit lazy at times, but very athletic. I still think he will back up Hummel next season at small forward, and possibly Smooge at shooting guard, at times.

He's got long arms and can do a lot of things well...I'm hoping Painter and Co. can motivate him they way they've pushed Smooge to become a very good defender...and like Moore, Barlow will probably have the look of moving in slow motion at times...as he blows by a defender. He's a bit of a tweener, but his length might make him an all-conference-type of player by the time he leaves West Lafayette.

Thank you to Rivals GBI for the video...

ESPNChicago. Seriously.

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