ESPNChicago. Seriously.

I don't normally link to Deadspin because they really don't need site traffic hits from us (plus we typically post original content b/c we're awesome), but I had to point this out.

ESPN has launched ESPNChicago, a Chicago-dedicated Web site that's basically just like, only focused on Chicago. Don't you think this already existed? Yeah, like in every other major city.

Is it because Chicago is just such a terrific sports town? I don't know. Is it maybe more because Obama is associated with Chicago and ESPN wants to wear Obama's letterman's jacket? Could be that, too.

Or we can let resident idiot Scoop Jackson explain:

In our minds, this site, one dedicated to all of Chicagoland sports at every level, is long overdue. Because when it comes to the games we all play, watch and love, no one — and I repeat no one — on any corner of any block in any city any place in the world got swagger like us.

It's always amusing how every big-time sports city thinks they're the end-all, be-all of sports fans. I grew up a NY sports fan so obviously I'm biased, too, but I would never claim there's no "corner of any block in any city" where there could be anybody better. Or with more "swagger," whatever the f-ck that means. Good writing, Scoop. You managed to sound like you have conviction about something that can't be defined. Super.

I know Boilerdowd detests Chicago fans, primarily those of the Cubbie variety, and all I can say about this is that the insecurities that the Second City has (hell, it's in their nickname to be second-best!) are kind of cute. You guys aren't very big winners at all and if not for Michael Jordan, you'd basically be Philadelphia.

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