It's Time To Get Amped Up!

It's college football time and so I thought maybe today was a good day to get all the Boiler faithful charged up for this Saturday's opener against Toledo. Sure, many of these are from the good old days, but try to remember how when each of these happened -- no matter how good we were -- it still felt surreal to be on the winning side of these kinds of matchups. Good things could happen to the Boilers and we all began to believe again.


Up first, one Drew Brees' earliest shining moments... the comeback in the 1998 Alamo Bowl:

Next, a terrific home win against Notre Dame as they lose in a painful way -- mismanaging the clock. Oh, Bob Davie, we miss you.

During the 2003 season, one of those great plays that just makes a quality opponent look overmatched -- #14 Purdue makes it 20-0 over #10 Iowa:

PSU at Purdue, 2003 -- Purdue tells JoPa to get off our lawn!

Still one of our favorite moments ever -- Taylor Stubblefield begins celebrating at our own 40. Classic and one of the only teams it's always okay to rub it in on:

And one of the best, one that never seems to get old... Brees to Morales, "Holy Toledo," Mike Doss blows coverage on a walk-on WR who almost drops the pass... I always point out to Boilerdowd when we reminisce about these days that Brees threw for well over 400 yards in this game and had 3 TDs and 4 -- FOUR! -- interceptions. Truly the essence of Drew the gunslinger:

Two days to go.

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