Commenting Guideline

One of the things we never wanted to do at BS was have an official commenting "policy" like some sites do because that felt so....formal. Plus, we're not that important or big-time, so really, creating something like that felt kind of arrogant -- like we're going to make rules for you people to follow. Who the hell are we to make rules?

Despite this continuing to be our ongoing belief, a lot of comments in recent weeks and months have taken a bit of a nasty, inappropriate tone. By and large, we don't care if people want to shout at the wind in the comments, but a few times the shouting has upset other people and has sometimes even taken a turn into made up accusations, insults, etc.

So here's what we'd like to ask -- if you're going to comment on things, treat the interaction as you would if you were guests in our homes. If you wouldn't say it in person to us (and others), then don't say it here -- or at least find a better way to say it that's less inflammatory. As always, disagreement on opinions remains welcome and encouraged.

We don't want to monitor comments (we don't have the time or the inclination), so let's just keep this requested guideline in mind. 


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