What's next?

With Dawson deciding to play for Izzo, who will fill the two spots that remain after Donnie Hale takes his scholarship in 2011?

Randle and Zeller would obviously good-gets...but I think Zeller isn't coming to West Lafayette and Randle doesn't seem to be leaning in any particular direction.

Let's not kid ourselves, Dawson deciding to play for someone other than Matty, in the BT no less, stings quite a bit. Like many if you, I didn't really like how he was handling his recruitment, but I would have gotten over that had he chosen Purdue. He'll probably be very good in East Lansing...and we'll all be regularly reminded of his talent. But everyone has got to move on.

Make no mistake, Hale will be good for Painter, so that class will be worth while. But who else will sign?

Since so many high-level players in the class if '12 have Matty high on their list, it seems to make good sense to save one for that class...regardless if Randle signs or not.

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