2010 Purdue Football: Game 6

As part of the BS football season preview at the end of August, we'd like the readers of BS to weigh in on the Boilermakers' chances in each of their games. Today, we discuss game 6.

The Boilers return home to play their fourth (out of the first six) game, this one against another team they lost to last year and never should have, the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Tim Brewster has had a rough offseason and has been barely retained by his lukewarm AD. All indications are Brew needs a good year to save his job. Of course, winning on the road is one of the key ingredients of a good year. And for the Boilermakers, winning at home is an absolute must -- especially against lesser teams -- if you're going to build the program back into an upper-tier Big Ten program.

As noted, there will be plenty of motivational reminders available for the Boilers in most of their games this year. This one is no different.

The time to make this right, is now.

What's next?