ESPN's 25 Hour College Football Preview Update

Jessie Palmer just said that the Michigan Wolverines head coach, "David Carr," needs to provide he can beat OSU this year for it to be Michigan's year.

I had no idea that after being booted by the Texans that David Carr chose to go into coaching and was able to land such a plumb coaching slot.

Following that, Robert Smith was asked if Purdue could be a "sleeper" in the Big Ten this year. Smith then scoffed and said, "Yeah, they're a sleeper... they'll stay asleep all year."

Clever, Robert, clever.

He also pulled out the one thing that analysts know about Purdue over the past few years: "They have Michigan and Ohio State back on the schedule now so this isn't their year."

Oh, they were off the schedule the past two years? I hadn't heard.

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