First Bowl Game of the Year

Much like UND, God is on our Boilers side...thus, they will strike down the Mighty Mighty Toledo Rockets with great vengeance and fury.

Alright, more likely, God is watching over the individuals in the game, but probably won't get involved with the outcome...That said, we all think the Boilers will come back from the Glass Bowl with a big "W".

You heard J's prediction for victory...Now here's mine: Boilers win 38-23 with Kory Sheets having a big game. I look for Toledo's veteran RB, Parmele, to have over 100 yards in their loss.

Tim believe the Boilers will struggle a bit in a closer-than-it-sounds victory, beating Toledo 24-14. He also sees Painter struggling a bit in the win.

We shall see in a mere 34 hours. Boiler up!

To your call once more we rally;

Alma Mater hear our praise;

Where the Wabash spreads its valley,

Filled with joy our voices raise.

From the skies in swelling echoes

Come the cheers that tell the tale

Of your vict’ries and your heroes,

Hail Purdue, we sing all hail!

Hail Hail to old Purdue!

All Hail to our old gold and black!

Hail Hail to old Purdue!

Our friendship may she never lack.

Ever greatful, ever true,

Thus we raise our song anew

Of the days we’ve spent with you

All Hail our own Purdue


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