Losing Momentum?

We discussed this over a week ago- Purdue was not on terra firma with Shayon Green, a linebacker prospect out of Georgia. Well, during the weekend, Green made it official as he switched his verbal to Miami. In other recruiting news, Jordan Barnes decided to verbal to Oklahoma State during his in-home visit by OSU's coaches. That said, his committment sounds less-than-convincing, at least to me. When asked if he committment prior to meeting Purdue's entire staff, Barnes responded

"Yeah, I did and then I talked to Purdue and they had me thinking about some things so right now I'm really not sure which way I'm going to go with this so it's been a stressful weekend,"

Maybe Gundy is using some pressure tactics or perhaps Barnes is placing the pressure on himself. Regardless, this one seems like it might not be over, just yet.

But if it is, Hope and company might put the full-court press on Quan Fletcher, who I've never seen play, but want as a Boiler just so I can say "Quan" each week in the fall.

We all know recruiting is an up-and-down business and nothing's truly done until the kid's signed...and even then, you might want to wait until they're on campus before you count on their services. As in any business, the follow-ups are key and the relationships built during the recruiting process is paramount. Only the kid and the coaching staff really know how those aspects of the process have gone...the rest of us are merely speculating.

At 18 & 19, we were all a bit fickle...but at 15, & 16 & 17, it's even worse. My hope for my alma mater's football and men's basketball teams are that guys that want to be Boilermakers end up in West Lafayette...and those that don't, decide not to waste everyone's time.

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