The time to make this right, is now.

We all know that Matt Painter was signed to a contract extension in April...and we all know about the clause that's in his contract that makes his contract a less-than-sure-thing, especially at the end of the ginormous upcoming season. What we don't know is what are the ramifications of this clause.

Sure, I like Painter and feel like he wouldn't leave especially after a relatively-short and successful stint as his Alma Mater's head basketball coach. But there's wiggle room here, lots of it actually...and that's what's bothersome.

I waited to write this post for a couple of reasons...but one of the biggest is I don't like writing posts about conjecture or things that might happen. There's a lot of possibilities in this case of things that could happen and I won't get into those right now. But, in my opinion, this issue needs to be put to bed now.

Perhaps Izzo smartly brought this clause to Brandon Dawson's attention earlier this week, perhaps not...we don't know. But I don't think it's dirty recruiting to state facts about holes in the state of a competing program, and to me, this is a gaping chasm...especially for this pivotal class of 2011 that is far from set, at this point.

If Painter has every intention to stay and Burke wants him to do so, they both need to come together in a hurry about this tiny portion of Matty's contract that seems to be a gigantic problem.

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