Official Ruling on Jeff Robinson

Purdue PF commitment and Indy Lawrence North product, Robinson, has been officially ruled out as a Boilermaker for at least the next two seasons. Academic problems led Purdue to deny his entry into the the class is back to four incoming's almost as if Matty (and everyone else) knew this months ago.

Here's my opinion on the guy- I don't know much about him, but here's what I do know: He was a back-up center in high school...and while he backed up one of the better prospects in the Midwest, he was still a back-up. Plus, I've heard from a couple of sources at LN that the kid had a work ethic problem in the classroom. The last time I heard a similar account of a Purdue recruit, it went in a similar fashion.

I wish none of these kids ill will...but I also don't want to see guys like this playing at Purdue, until they can figure out how to make grades. Let's be honest, it gets no easier, really in any way, in college. Those guys need to work hard on the court and off the court, for them to succeed and for the team to find success. I really hope, in two years from now, Robinson has got his academics on track and his game matches that success...and he ends up in West Lafayette. But, if I was a betting man, I'd put a shiny quarter on the guess that this ship has sailed.

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