Truly Great

I don't like Phil Jackson...Don't like Kobe Bryant either. But what they did tonight makes them two of the greatest to every have coached/played professional basketball.

Rumors are swirling that Jackson does little more than JoePa on the PSU sidelines these days...and Kobe calls the shots. Regardless, he's been in the right place, right time, more than anyone in history.

And Kobe- no one can deny how great of a player he really is. He might be more skilled than Jordan as a complete player...and now he's taken a step to be mentioned even more regularly in the same breath as MJ. Shaq might have carried the Lakers, at least as Kobe matured, but Pau Gasol is no Shaq...and he made everyone better on that team this season.

It's also interesting that this Lakers team might be regarded as one of the greatest Laker teams of all time...that's pretty impressive just to be able to have the discussion...

I still don't like the NBA, but always like to see history made. It was made tonight in Orlando.

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