You Heard It Here -- Giants Win

Just wanted to pop in during my week on the road with Mrs. Money to let you all know that the Giants are going to derail the Patriots undefeated season tomorrow night.

Playing in the first NFL game ever broadcast on every single channel, the Giants will throw schemes at the Pats in cold, swirly Giants Stadium that will knock Brady and Moss off their games and turn the tide in the Giants favor.

Not wanting to risk his best players, Belichick will have no choice but to rest some guys and not play them balls-out for the whole game. The Giants Tom Coughlin, on the other hand, knows little about going deep into the playoffs so this won't be an issue.

Why do I think this? Because nobody has ever gone 16-0 and there's a reason for it. And because the idiots are SportsCenter are already matching up the 2007 Pats against the best teams of all time and having the Dolphins VP analyze each matchup. Remember when they did this with the 2005 USC team led by Matt Leinart? Didn't work out too well for them, either, did it?

Giants prevail 28-19.

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