Please, let this happen.

I first read the headline about Paulus being wooed by Rich Rod on the ticker on the side of our page...And honestly, I assumed this must be Greg Paulus' little brother. I don't read a ton of blogs...and generally don't visit many of the Big Ten blogger sites (unless PSU wins an NIT title).

But, my lack of interest in the general blogosphere has burnt me this week. I'm a day late on some of the best news to ever hit the interwebnet.

One of the least-likeable Duke basketball players ever (and there's some doozies in that group) might attempt to rekindle his old romance with tackle football...In the Big Ten!!!

And as I react gleefully at the prospect of Ryan Kerrigan, Jason Werner, Gerald Gooden, Mike Neal, Kawaan Short and others having the chance to smack lil' Greg around, much of the college football world is the University of Michigan's football program and its leader.

And honestly, they're right to laugh...and UM fans aren't too happy about this either. Nor is Tate Forcier who blew off the idea of Paulus competing with him for the starting job saying that his position coach and coordinator said no schollie had been offered.

But, that's not what Greg is saying.

There's so much in this story that is tasty...from UM students potentially booing a quarterback on their school's roster to Rodriguez further losing the grip on this program to UM blue chips being upset by their coach's desparate lunges at this type of straw to fill spots vacated by transfer atop disgruntled transfer.

I'd like all of the disgruntlement, snickering and general cynicism to quiet at least long-enough for Paulus to enroll for graduate classes in Ann Arbor...

Please, oh please...come back to your first love, football, Ms. Paulus...and do it in maize and blue.

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