We Get Accused of Everything, Including Being TOO Optimistic (I know!)

It's a very quiet time of the year here at BS and during those quiet times we like to catch up on things (like sleep, work, etc.). One of those site-related items is to check in on our site metrics, where people are coming from, etc. Sometimes that leads to us finding remarks or commentaries about us or our site that we somehow missed when we were posting in the middle of the night about hypothetical fights involving ball racks.

Sure, we're the first to admit that we're biased Purdue fans. Lifers, you might say, who see the world through Purdue-colored glasses. But to suggest we're overly optimistic? I think anyone who would say that...doesn't really know what the hell they're talking about.

So I present to you this comment, made a couple months ago on another site:

I avoid Boiled Sports at all costs, unless I’m very bored and want to read a super-fanboy opinion of Purdue sports.

I’m all for having confidence in your team even if that means partially ignoring the facts, but they always take it to far. Always.

Upon further review, it turns out this commenter is a frequent visitor of Hammer & Rails.
So, wait, wait, wait...let me back up a second. We're the "super-fanboys" with unreasonable levels of confidence in our teams?
I think I can confidentally say that Travis would be the first to admit he's far more gloriously delusional about Purdue athletics than we are. It's part of what we love about him (that and his triceps).
And to the uninformed commenter, who shall remain nameless, the only thing I'd "always take too far" would be how late I keep your sister out on our date.

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