Timeless Advice for Graduates

I graduated from Purdue in 1999. It should have been '98, but people like Boilerdowd distracted me from my studies and it took me slightly longer than the average.

Anyway, it occurred to me recently that some of you may not remember what was, believe it or not, a very popular "song" on the radio at that time. It was an adaptation of a column written by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune in 1997, in which she dispensed advice on how to live a contented life, which she said was what she would say as a commencement address if she were ever asked to give one.

I look back on it now and find nothing has changed. It's still good advice. So whether you've seen it or not, I think you'll enjoy it. Congrats, class of '11.

Now go make some scratch.

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