Sandi: We Hardly Knew Ye.

Seemingly fun-loving Sandi Marcius' time in West Lafayette is drawing quickly to a close as officially announced by the athletic department earlier today.

Sandi & LBD in 2010

Marcius seemed like a bit of a project player when he arrived on campus, but he ended his time in a Purdue uniform with a flourish. He played his best basketball, by far, at the end of this season...specifically, he beat Wisconsin at their own game while giving us all a little something to look forward to.  We know now, that's not to be.

In the brief meetings I had with Marcius, I liked him...and always liked his enthusiasm as Purdue was preparing to leave the tunnel at Mackey and during timeouts.  He was an interesting guy on the court too...especially early in his career. In spite of his large frame, he seemed to always like circus shots and was pretty skilled around the basket.

Wherever he lands, I wish him well...and really don't blame him for leaving.

Marcius would have likely been in a rotation of four big me next year; the other three being Hammons, Carroll and Simpson.

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