A Request, Dear Readers...

You just can't say no to these faces.

Last year, I told you about my brother Andy and his situation in life and asked if you would consider donating to a charitable cause close to our hearts. Many of you did indeed donate and it touched me greatly (no, not that way, pervs). To quote myself from last year (because quoting myself is awesome):

My brother Andy, who is four years older than me, was born with severe cerebral palsy. He's never been able to walk or even talk, but the palsy attacked his physical capacities only -- he's as mentally sharp as any of us, probably more so. Andy appreciates sports talk, going to games, and dirty jokes/euphemisms.

Andy has spent the majority of his life as a resident at a fantastic place in NJ that specializes in caring for, treating and educating kids with CP and other similarly debilitating afflictions. That place is the Matheny School and Hospital. Andy has worked with social workers over the years who constantly are coming up with new and creative ways to help him enjoy life, to communicate with others and to keep his brain active. This isn't a "home" that you fear it could be -- people aren't left to waste away. They are constantly stimulated and everyone has a "program" -- a daily schedule of activities, often off-site, that keeps them stimulated, happy and hopefully for a little while every day, feeling "normal."

Without places like Matheny, the people (from young children to adults) who live there would either become wards of the state or would have to live at their families' homes, most of which are of course not equipped to handles severely handicapped individuals. In the more heartbreaking instances, some children don't have family to go to since their family has abandoned them for being defective (not joking).

Matheny's signature fundraising event is known as Miles for Matheny and this year is is Sunday, April 21. It includes multiple bike rides, a 5K and a terrific Wheelchair Walk through the downtown area of the town Matheny is in. The Matheny residents and their families love the event and many locals enjoy it as well. New York news stations even cover it and this year I may be interviewed by CBS in NYC about how great a place it is.

So here is where I grovel... if you were about to donate to BS or if you have a few bucks lying around and you've been looking for a very worthwhile and tax-deductible place to donate it.....HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU!!

Donations of any amount are welcome. Every bit makes a difference and matters very much to me and my family. To donate in support of my brother Andy -- and our family, since we're all participating -- just go to our team page and click "SUPPORT ME" on the right side.

Once again, a heartfelt thanks for letting me share this info with you and for any donations you may give.

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