SBF -- Return to Glory

Gosh, with a headline like that, you might be worried we're going to share photos of Charlie Weis' sideboobs. Gah!

But no, SBF is back -- for now -- and we'd like to point out that boobies aren't only great to look at, but they can serve a purpose as defense witnesses in criminal cases, too. As this story details, this model was acquitted because her tee-tahs were too big to fit through an opening she was accused of breaking in through. My favorite part of the story, though, is the judge quote:

When she appealed this week her defence lawyer held up a plate showing the size of the hole and said she could not possibly have squeezed through it with her 43in bust.

"I agree," said Tokyo High Court presiding judge Kunio Harada after casting his eyes over the model.

And he threw out the guilty finding.

Of course, when it comes to boobies, when has any male had coherent thoughts?

Anyway, on to the goodness....

Oh, Halle, you ageless wonder. Where did those come from?

Lindsay's a favorite of mine, but not the real Lindsay -- just the photographed one. She's actually a burnout who pretty much nobody in Hollyweird wants to work with, but damn if there aren't some fine photographs out there of her fine boobage.

Damn you, button! You're my nemesis!

That's all for this edition. For those of you so inclined, the yawnfest that is the NFL Draft is tomorrow. So go outside instead and enjoy the sunshine most of the country is experiencing.

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Friday Notes

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