Friday Notes

so tired

One of my least-favorite, most-sleepy times of the sports year is upon us...and outside of NFL mock drafts, little is going on that I care too much about. The NBA playoffs are about half-way through their opening-round series...MLB baseball has about 200 games left...and the 9-6 Yankees look every bit worth their $201,000,000 team salary. J's favorite team, the Sox aren't any better, but they're streaking right now...but playing the Orioles and Twins will do that for a team.

And, while some don't enjoy racing, we're nearing the month of May, which I love because of the Indy 500.

All that said, I'd trade the NBA playoffs, MLB baseball and Indy Car Racing for more Purdue football and basketball. Since I can't make the trade, here's what's going on right now:

-Prep school big man, Sandi Marcius will make his decision on Sunday following a tournament that his AAU team's playing in...The less I hear about Jeff Robinson, the more I believe he's not coming to Purdue. So, signing Marcius, simply to help with depth seems imperative to me.

And, the good news is Painter is still on the recruiting trail getting exposed to talent that he might see as a fit down the road...

-The BT/ACC challenge, which honestly hasn't been much of a challenge at all for the ACC will yield a Purdue v. Wake Forest match-up at Purdue. Regardless of the domination that the ACC has shown in this series, it still provides a decent barometer of where a team is and what they need to do to get better...I like this game and the match-ups quite a bit. And if the NBA doesn't take a few of Wake's players who have announced for the draft without agents, both teams could be top-10 at the time of the meeting.

More later...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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