McBurse Cleared by NCAA Clearinghouse!!

ATM will be playing for Purdue in the fall!! Unlike Beckford's situation two years ago, McBurse will be in the strong backfield rotation for our Boilers behind Joey Elliott.

Jaycen Taylor SR
Frank Halliburton SR-FB
Dan Dierking JR
Ralph Bolden SO
Jared Crank FR (rs)-FB
Al-Terek McBurse FR

Perhaps one or more will be moved to another position in the fall? Dierking and Crank will both definitely see playing time on the Special teams and might be the guys to find another position. We'll see; this is a good position to be in for Coach Hope and co.

Basketball Recruiting
Also, it looks like Sandi Marcius is a heavy Purdue lean and will become a Boiler on Sunday.

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