Moving On...

Some former favorites at Ross-Ade have found homes in the very minimum until camp.
3rd round pick, Alex Magee is headed to Kansas City...His less-than-stellar year at DE might be exactly why he ended up in KC. They will play the 3-4 in '09, according to a few sources.
6th round pick, Curtis Painter is going to stay in the state of Indiana...a rarity* as he's now been a high schooler, college player and soon-to-be a pro quarterback, all in the state he was born. But, last season, Jim Sorgi kept his back-up role despite two veteran back-ups being invited to camp in Indy (Lorenzen & Gray)...and the Colts have only had one quarterback on their roster not named Manning for the past 8 seasons...or who knows what the next few months hold for Curtis.

It might seem like an odd pick, but it's not a charity pick by any means for Indy. Pollian's pretty good at drafting "jewels" that others think are just stones...Might Curtis shine up nicely learning from one of the best in the game? We'll see.

The Colts also filled needs in a lot of positions including WR, T, and P/K as Smith is no longer on the roster and Venetieri isn't much of a kick-off specialist.

Kory Sheets talking about his own greatness might have cost him a few dollars...but he has a good shot of making the 49ers after signing a free agent contract...Anthony Heygood has signed a similar deal with the Panthers. I think Heygood's a steal as he hasn't played the position long, is a good special teams player and played at a very high level despite having little help at LB last season at Purdue.

Greg Orton has been signed as a free agent to Cincinnati...Like Painter, he probably likes the fact that he's close to home...but honestly, he's probably really pleased to have a shot at playing, regardless of where.

Ryan Baker has the tough assignment of trying out for the professional football team in Miami. (sidenote- 5 years ago, I talked to Baker on his official visit at family is convinced I was the reason Baker became a Boiler...because of his workmanlike Purdue career, he's now making money playing football...I think it's only fair that I receive half of his earnings as a thank you...What?)

According to the JConline:

"Monday, April 20 -- Torri S. Williams, 22, of the 1200 block of Northwestern Avenue, was arrested on suspicion of driving while suspended/prior."

It seems we might have seen the last down of football for Williams in a Purdue uniform after all...I trust he had been warned that if he was to get arrested, yet again, his career at Purdue would be over. We'll see how Hope reacts, but if I were a betting man, I'd say Evans, McKinley or someone else will now be starting in '09 at safety.

All that said, this is by far the least-serious offense in the string of arrests Williams has had...We'll see.

*addendum- The Colts also signed Pat Kuntz to a free agent contract...Kuntz went to Indianapolis Roncalli, then to UND, now to the maybe it's not that uncommon.

Best thing for the program is competition...

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