Genius Update: Fred Glass

We've give IU's new AD a hard time for a lot of what he's done in his short time at IU. But finally, he's done it- he's out-awesomed himself!

Glass, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to give up an IU home game in favor of playing Penn State at FedEx Field in 2010. It makes a ton of sense really- IU's fanbase is powerful in the DC area, so selling the 7,000 tickets shouldn't be any problem. Plus, it's a lot easier just playing some place else because finding a neighborhood kid, band booster or parent of a football player to run the concession stand at Memorial Stadium is sometimes difficult in Bloomington.
Glass calls FedEx Field in November a "Bowl-like atmosphere"...DC in November boasts of weather like the Humanitarian, Sun, Motor City or Emerald Nuts Bowl and is just an "afternoon's drive" from most IU fans*.

"The Whores....errrrrrrrr...Hoosiers will make a cool $3 million just for abandoning their fan base for one afternoon. That will come in handy as they will be paying off Lynch's buyout clause at that time...and will help them update the lousy press box that doesn't go along with the beautiful new endzone seats at Memorial Stadium (that clearly they don't want to use).

In a move my brother compares to making IU into the equivalent of the Washington Generals of the Big Ten, Glass continues to innovate and create unique opportunities for the IU fanbase to enjoy their Billy (Lynch) Ball.

Hats off, once again, Mr. Glass.

*An afternoon is defined by Mr. Glass as a 9-hour period

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