The BS Podcast -- Live and Interactive (Maybe)

We probably should have promoted this more, but the Boiled Sports Podcast for August is tonight at 11:30 PM, Eastern Time (10:30 Central). And, as we promised, we've improved the podcast and now want your participation. Instead of only being able to be downloaded and listened to later (and thus subjecting you to basically listening to a typical phone call between us), the new and improved BS podcast will be live, streaming and interactive thanks to the fine folks at blogtalkradio.

What does this mean? Well, it means that we not only want you to stay up late and listen to it live (where all our mistakes will be recorded for posterity), but we want you to call in and participate. Yes, you. The one who has a valuable opinion and some insight to share, but no where to share it. And don't get stage fright -- nobody's really listening anyway.

The official start time is 11:30 PM, Eastern. If you're a college student or an insomniac (or a drunk), this might be perfect. If you're in the central, mountain or pacific time zones, well, do the math. It's not hard.

So we'll start at 11:30 PM, EST, and then about 30 minutes in, we'll take calls. Don't call beforehand or you'll sit on hold. (Look at me, pretending we'll actually have anyone call in.)

Why call in? Because for one thing, you get to talk to us, and if that's not thrilling, we don't know what is. But also, we get to talk to you, and we actually want to. You've read some of our thoughts on the new football season, and then you'll hear our take on it some more at 11:30. And then at around 12, we'll want to know what your take is. You can riff on anything we've said or something completely unrelated. Just try to make it about Purdue football.

And finally, if you're willing to come give us a listen live, swing back this way at about that time (again, 11:30 PM, Eastern Time, for those of you with short attention spans) and there will be a player to click on. We'll also provide the dial-in number for ya. Because we lova ya.

Oh, and don't worry if you can't catch it live but are indeed interested -- it'll still be an on-demand podcast like usual. We're even going to be able to make it available via iTunes. I know, it's like we know what we're doing or something. Don't worry, we don't.

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