Purdue Using BS Original Artwork for Marketing Purposes (Sort of)

I hear a lot of optimism beginning to build among you, my fellow faithful Boilermakers. I don't happen to personally share the optimism many of you are espousing in places like Twitter, but make no mistake: I'm glad some of you are feeling good about things. That's a much nicer state to be in entering the summer than we sometimes find ourselves in.

For those of you interested in supporting your Boilers in person -- and we do encourage you to do that -- you can get a mini plan of tickets for quite reasonable rates by clicking here.

My favorite part, though, is the Boilermaker athletic department continuing to use an image that has BS original artwork in it... to the left, you can find friend of the site Kelly sporting her "Marve-lous" shirt.

I mean, you know, if Marve-lous shirts really existed.

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