Joe Knows Social Networking

You can tell the season's on its way... crisp air, intense practices...and articles trying to make Joe Paterno's ludicrously advancing age and obstinate nature charming.

Coach Joe Paterno seems to relish his image as one of his profession's last curmudgeonly throwbacks.

You call him a "curmudgeonly throwback," I call him a "disconnected old man." Affectionately, of course.

No, he tells the media every year, he doesn't even have a cell phone or send and receive e-mail. His most recent rant was directed at Twitter, which he dismisses as "tweedle doo or tweedle dee, tweet and twit."

No cell phone, no email... not even a headset. Far too newfangled.

"Really, he looks at technology the same way I do," Jay Paterno said. "He's just not going to use it himself. He can play dumb like a fox. He says, 'I don't know what Twitter is, I don't know what social-networking is,' but he's very aware of what it does, how it connects and how it can be used to promote our program. He's pushed us all in that direction."

I can just imagine JoePa giving a lecture on the viability of social networking. And then saying, "But I'm going to pretend I don't know what it is. Also, I have to poop."

Joe Paterno, technology savant.

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