BS Big Ten Power Rankings


We haven't yet done a BS power rankings for Big Ten football this year (yes, I still refuse to use the "B1G" nomenclature because it's stupid) and my season preview wound up stuck in draft limbo, so it's about time to talk about what we've seen over the first month. It takes about that long to have an idea of what we're dealing with, so here we go. We'll go from bottom to top... just like THuff likes it. What?

12. Minnesota -- Oh, poor Minny. Your program is reeling, your coach is providing scary moments and even FCS schools are a serious challenge. It's very hard to hate Minnesota, as our scientific polling found over the summer that they have the least obnoxious fans in the Big Ten. While we like Purdue having a potential win on the schedule every year, we certainly don't have any special love for seeing Minny struggle. Let's hope they rise up and embarrass OMHR this year.

11. Indiana -- I commented to B-dowd last week that this was the first year since we started the site that we've given IU any respect with regard to football. We felt like Coach Wilson has them heading in the right direction, and while we didn't think they'd necessarily be good this year, we felt like you'd be able to see the improvements on the horizon. Maybe his next recruiting class will help them turn the corner, just like Coach Crean's. But for now, they look as bad as ever.

10. Purdue -- And yes, you're pretty bad if you're currently ranked behind Purdue football. If anyone disagrees with this location for the Boilers, tell me why they should be higher or lower.

9. Northwestern -- Hard to believe a competent Northwestern team that may well go bowling is only fourth from the bottom. But they lost to Army and blew a huge lead over in-state rival Illinois. There were even commenters at Lake the Posts apparently calling for Fitz' job. Not sure that's legit, but they're pissed. On the plus side, Dick Weiss probably still thinks they're undefeated.

8. Ohio State -- Eighth place for now, Bucknuts. And to think I actually thought they'd still be good this year. I guess without bags of cash to talented players, it's hard to motivate guys.

7. Penn State -- PSU is not good. Let's just say that. But they're 4-1 because that's what they do -- they beat the teams they should. What a novel concept. I've heard a few people say this is a possible win for Purdue. Maybe if it were in Ross-Ade I would agree, but Snappy Valley is a very tough place to play. If Marve is starting, I think I'd feel like he could make some things happen. But who knows where things will be at that point?

6. Iowa -- Middle of the pack, sort of forgettable. Just like their state.

5. Nebraska -- Hey, welcome to a big boy conference, Nebraska! We would have loved to see you slap Wisconsin around just because, well, somebody needs to slap them around soon. But you did kind of what a lot of us expected after seeing how suspect your vaunted blackshirt defense is. I'd love to put you higher, but you haven't earned it.

4. Michigan State -- Aside from simply not rising to the moment against ND after years of owning the Irish in South Bend, the Spartans have been good, including an ugly win over OSU this past Saturday. Either the Bucks are really far worse than I thought or MSU is actually as good as I always seem to think they will be. Regardless, they've earned the 4-spot for now.

3. Michigan -- Yeah, they were 5-0 last year, too. But for now they've earned this.

2. Illinois -- Sure, they've looked shaky from time to time and needed a big comeback to stay unbeated on Saturday, but again, they're getting it done and that's what counts in the BS power rankings. Sure, it feels like the wheels are going to come off at any minute, but really, isn't that always how it is for the Zooker?

1. Wisconsin -- There is nobody else close right now. I don't want to hear more crap about how they haven't played anybody. Not many teams in the conference have "played anybody" and Wisconsin is doing what very good teams are supposed to do. They're bludgeoning everyone in their path, including previously single-digit-ranked Nebraska. I seriously worry they're going to put 75 on our Boilermakers.

Agree with these? Disagree? We'd love to hear it.

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