I demand ONE MIIIILLLLLLION dollars!

I think it's hilarious that Alex Rodriguez is once again talking to the Yankees. It turns out that it wasn't about wanting out of the pressure pot known as New York... it was only about more money. That's why people hate a lot of professional athletes. They claim it's for personal or family reasons, but it's ALWAYS about the money.

Scott Boras: We demand $350 million per week in order to negotiate.

A-Rod: Nevermind Yankees, I don't like New York so I'm opting out.

Steinbrenner: Okay, we don't want anyone that doesn't want to be a Yankee.

Rest of MLB: *crickets*

Scott Boras: Oops.

A-Rod: I changed my mind. I love New York!

Steinbrenner: A-Rod has shown he DOES want to be a Yankee. Yay!

It's so freaking stupid. All he cares about is the money. He doesn't want to be a Yankee any more than he wants to be a Marlin. He just wants $30 million per year. He doesn't care where it comes from. It's all about the money. He'll kiss the new Steinbrenner's booty in order to get it too. It's just a shame that the new management of the Yankees didn't choose to stick it to him this time and not let him back to the table. That would have been really great. To see A-Rod leave $81 million for 3 years + $150 million for 5 years on the table in order to take a 4 year offer of $80 million. Oh the happiness that would've brought me.

Suck it Scott Boras!

Oh, and PS. Suck it Yankees!

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