Congrats Domers!!!

Who's less effeminate?

UND and it's super-smart head coach have used their decided schematic advantage and nastiness to earn their way to the best bowl played on an island. Here are some fun facts about the upcoming game:

-The matchup forces me to break a promise I made to myself never to root for Hawaii
-The matchup with the Warriors will give Notre Dame its best chance to win a bowl game since Bill Clinton was in office
-Notre Dame's problem of playing in bowls that were out of their league, versus opponents whom they didn't deserve to be playing against, seems to have been solved...Well played, Manatee. You are playing precisely the quality of opponent you should be this post-season. Enjoy your trip, Domers!

Usually, I'm excited about Christmas Eve because I can't wait to open the present that J has bought for me...but this year, my anticipation for the next morning will be diverted as I get to watch two true college football powerhouses square off in Aloha Stadium!

Go Rainbows...errr...Rainbow Warriors...errr...Warriors!

Update from Boilerdowd's bed

Is there such a thing as an underwhelming 48-point win?