Update from Boilerdowd's bed

No, no ladies, it's not that type of post...I'm sick today, so am bed-ridden, at least until my fever breaks. Here are my thoughts for the day.

-Purdue's shooting woes continue, but the defense is beginning to hit its stride. Remember, last season, this Purdue team struggled offensively at times as well. It took about half the season for them to figure out how to fill it up. I'm not saying the lightswitch will flip on any time soon, but it's great to see the basis of Painter's team back on track. I will say this, after watching Curry light up WVU in the last five minutes of their contest last night, they'll need more offense to beat Davidson at Conseco.

-CC Sabathia is going to sign with the Evil Empire later today. If you're unfortunate enough to be in front of a TV right now, EsPN is like a broken record at this point...The ticker is about CC, every story has something to do w/ CC...It stinks. Congrats J and Co...as most pro sports teams are struggling to continue business as usual, your favorite club is about to sign the largest contract for a pitcher in the history of MLB. In fact, the contract, in the last five minutes, gained another year (7) and $20,000,000...because $140,000,000 just wouldn't be enough.

-Hannah Storm is a hot old lady.

-The Arena Football League is the first major sports league to fold beneath the pressure of the economic downturn. According to EsPN, there will not be a 2009 season. This is lousy news as it will force J fall off the wagon yet again and put his attention back on his first love, the WNBA...hopefully, we'll hear very soon that the sham of a league that prides itself in the basketball underwater style of play will follow suit to allow J to keep a shred of his self-respect. From a business standpoint, it would make a ton of sense for the league to cut the fat...since the WNBA has been carried for the past 10 seasons by its parent league, it would be logical, and the country would be a better place for such a collapse.

-Danny Hope might be scrambling to make the incoming recruiting class quite respectable. With upcoming visits from a few 4-stars and a throng of 3-star afletes, Hope's "dream scenario" might just come true. We should know a lot more about the incoming class in the next two weeks. Speedy WR, Eric Williams seems to be the number 1 priority at this point.

-My older brother and I have been having an ongoing dialogue about the state of Purdue's athletic department. Following the crushing defeat to Duke, both of us were a bit down in the dumps. But, he's continued his thoughts of the department ailing long after the fog of that contest lifted. I don't think he's alone. Many of the Purdue faithful are bothered by the "smalltime" feel of Burke's programs at this point. I tend to see some creedance in these feelings, to a point. Purdue's basketball team desperately needs a convincing "W" v. Davidson on the 20th...and the incoming football class being better than a bottom-three group (in conference) would help as well. At this point, I have a lot more faith in the basketball team than the great unknown of the football program.

Holiday Greetings From Purdue Athletics

Congrats Domers!!!