Ah Wicked Awesome Handsome Hour Tonight

Scheduled to appear on tonight's Handsome Hour is Brendan Murphy, formerly of ESPN Radio in the Lafayette area and current host of the Purdue Tailgate Show, streamed live before every game from the edge of the Purdue campus. We'll do our best to act professional as we welcome in a guy who actually works in "the industry." We'll also try not to make fun of his Bawston accent too much.

We'll talk about the train wreck from Saturday, locker room drama and looking ahead to perhaps the last game Purdue will be favored in this season on Saturday against the Gophers.

Also, if you'e mobile and wish to listen to the show on your smartphone (either live as it streams or later on), simply visit our mobile site and choose the show you want to hear, and click "Listen" (if it's in the process of streaming) or "Play" (if it's a recording). The mobile site is:


Tune in. It'll be a hoot.

Ugly Week, Handsome Hour...October 5, 2010

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