Another ARod-ian Post

Ah, those were the days. The New York Post in 2004 when the Yankees completed their trade of Alfonso Soriano and a bucket of used baseballs to the Texas Rangers for the best player we'll probably ever see and $21 million. That was totally fair, too.

Well, now, after all the baloney about him never being a Yankee again, it looks like our constant drama queen/distraction will be a Yankee for another decade. Or until he completely cracks under the pressure and mows down three bums in Central Park.

I'm sharing this post with you from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport because that's where I am stranded right now, waiting for a flight that will get me back to New York at about 5 AM. It was supposed to get in at 11:55 PM. Well-done, Continental, well-done indeed.

But I'm digressing.

To keep you entertained -- because that's my eternal goal -- and to keep on the subject of ARod, check out this post from Fire Joe Morgan, perhaps my favorite blogsite out there. It talks about how overrated David Eckstein is and also points out a recent poll that asked fans whether they'd rather have ARod or Eckstein. Amazingly, it wasn't 100% - 0% in favor of ARod, proving that not only Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan are idiots when it comes to understanding anything about baseball and what makes a good player.


I demand ONE MIIIILLLLLLION dollars!