Our Boilers are 1-0...and there's lots of good news coming out of God's Country this morning. First off, the score, Purdue won going away 66-40...forced 22 turnovers in the first half alone and played a pretty good defensive game. Chris Kramer led the Boilers with solid-as-always pressure on the ball, and 15 points. E'Twaun Moore chipped in 14 and Johnson had 12.

My favorite quote of the night comes from Clifford Reed, B. Cookman's coach. As he spoke about his team's first half performance, he said, "We were down 17...We probably should have been down 45 or so." That tells me a couple things- first, Purdue didn't shoot as well as they could have in that half, but second, the Wildcats were playing horribly. Although I didn't get to see it (Thanks BTN & Comcast), Clisby painted his usually murky picture about what was going on. Larry spoke of lots of steals and very few score updated. Thank you as always, Leerfield Purdue Sports Radio!

Other positive points of interest are first, that Calasan will be eligible to play following the Lipscomb game for Loyola-Chicago. By the way, I attribute the snappy decision to the pressure I put on Miles Brand and Co. (you're welcome, Coach Painter). Also, Keaton Grant will return to the lineup for the Lipscomb contest following his serving of a suspension after he was Gordon Watt's drinking buddy a few weeks back. Both will greatly help the Boilers as better competition starts sniffing around. That said, I think our Boilers are going to struggle with teams that have legitimate power forwards and centers...So about every team in the Big Ten will be tough to beat.

Next up, the 0-3, Nashville Tennessean, Lipscomb Bison!

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