Shock the world!! (a look ahead)

That's one of my favorite sports phrases, and it's over-used as hell, but it's a whale of a motivational tool that smart coaches use time and time again. You know- "no one gave us a chance..." "we showed everyone we belonged here..." "we shocked the world tonight and did what no one outside of our locker room thought could be done."

Let's hope Matty's chirping that in our favorite team's ears every chance he gets. At breakfast this morning, perhaps he gave the players this article to let them know what they're up against. Or maybe he reminded them of the fact that the NCAA tourney committee put his Boilers out in the Northwest versus a team from three hours away because they didn't think Purdue was that good either. Whatever tactic he's using, it's not just empty words, there will be reminders everywhere our Boilers will go today. From fans in purple reminding Purdue that it's a road game, to EsPN chiding that the BT is weak and Purdue can't compete because of where they come from, to Purdue being the underdog, it doesn't matter, this is a good position to be in.

Matty and his boys have nothing to lose and everything to gain...just like in the Big Ten tourney, Purdue is not the story this week...they're not sexy, they have no super-star and they're no where near as good as most of the teams that will be left at the end of today...right?

I guess that's why you play the game...So hopefully, our Boilers are good and pissed off by the time they enter the Rose Garden tomorrow afternoon. If so, they'll take another step toward making this season a great success.

Big East Domination Continues

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