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We rarely do link dumps because, well, they're kind of dumb. Why would we send you elsewhere when we're so wholly awesome?

But this post over at BHGP is one of their better ones ever. They take Ivan Maisel's idiotic column from yesterday to task and do so very, very well. However, I think my favorite part is where they take on Maisel's nonsensical "disappointment" that Notre Dame isn't living up to expectations (whose expectations, nobody knows):

Here's a list of who cares about Notre Dame:

  • Notre Dame alumni
  • Catholic school children
  • College football writers over 40
  • Like a couple hundred NBC viewers every Saturday

And that's it. The Irish aren't just yesterday's news, they're yesterdecade's news. Stop slobbering all over them. They're only "the team you either love or hate" because nobody in the sportswriter bubble will let us just ignore that middling old dinosaur of a program. Notre Dame makes Michigan look like Boise State.

That just encapsulates so well the very essence of Notre Dame. Disillusioned, clueless "supporters" and fans who have been fed complete bullsh-t for so many years, still unaware of how far away from relevancy the program is.


To balance the scale, since I just said something nice about an Iowa blog, we thought we'd share this note that came from regular reader Matt, who is serving a sentence living on the island of Iowa. This note came to us after Iowa's undefeated season came crashing down in a 2012 style collapse against Northwestern two weeks ago:

I hope this message reaches you...electricity here is patchy. I'm with a group of Iowa State fans and we're holed up in a fortified warehouse. Water and supplies are adequate for now, but mobs control the streets. They cast their hollow eyes towards the darkening skies, crying out in anguish over 'the title'. Movement is difficult, and everywhere there is the ominous threat of tractors. My God, is this what happens to civilization when Ricky (Lake) Stanzi becomes the linchpin of a football team?


The monsters are at the gate, I can tarry no longer. Good luck my friends!

Ah, we love sarcastic bastards like us.

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