TV update

Lots of Clapping, not lots of winning
IU got dump-trucked down in Puerto Rico yesterday by 18. Everytime the scrappy Hoosiers would make a run, Ole Miss would slam the door shut.

IU fans were enjoying their third game on TV...first on a national stage. IU is not ranked.

National Champs Fall

To *everyone's surprise, the reigning National Champ, Penn State Nittany Lions fell Thursday to the always gritty UNC Wilmington Seahawks. PSU looks to rebound today v. Tulane.

At least they get to lose on TV. Penn State is not ranked.

More of the Same
There's no shame in losing to UNC (on a neutral court, no less). But, aOSU's all-around badass, Evan Turner, had double-digit turnovers in Thursday's loss at MSG. The Bucknuts boast of four former 4-star recruits and a 5-star on their roster...and most are very experienced. But it looks like the inherent problem with Thad Matta-led teams is going to haunt this season yet again...there's no order on the team and when all-else fails, they tend to underperform.

Buckeye fans were enjoying their third game this season on TV...their second national TV game. aOSU is 18th in the nation.

Like a Virgin
Purdue plays SDSU tonight at 8:30 in the Paradise Jam Tourney (that was clearly planned by my son's pre-school class)...gather 'round your radios and enjoy all the action. In a collective effort by EsPN, BTN and the Purdue athletic department, Purdue's basketball team continues its all blacked-out season for '09...and is still 7th in the nation.

Come on, yo!
Just got an e-mail from the PAA that was selling the Wooden Tradition...of course, they had two of Purdue's current players on the promotional photo in the current uniforms:
It's a shame there's no one on the current roster to go along with Smooge that anyone in the Purdue family would know. Dammit this stuff drives me crazy. I guess cutting and pasting last-year's ads gets the job done nicely. The really awful thing, is it appears to be a photo of 33 from '07.

*everyone in this case is defined as people who think the NIT is important

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