Don't Sleep on the Wildcats

Tonight's contest v. Northwestern tips off at 6:30, all of you accountants who have been working long hours, make sure you're near a radio to support your Boilers.

It's Senior Night...Purdue will honor Marcus Green, Nemmy Calasan, Buckets and Chris Reid. So, one would rightfully think Mackey will be rocking. That said, if Purdue doesn't jump all over the Cats early, it could spell doom for our Boilers. The very same NU team beat MSU at the Breslin Center, so they know how to handle pressure on the road. But, this team also lost to Iowa in Iowa you never know what to expect out of this manic team clad in purple.

Another point that's noteworthy is the fact that NU plays an unusual style of offense and defense that many coaches in America claim they can't replicate in practice. Since Purdue plays, almost solely, an extended man-to-man, a trapping zone is not the easiest thing to mimick for our Boilers in practice.

The key to the game is simple- if Purdue plays defense like they did versus UM last week, we could be in for a long, painful game. But, if the Boilers can't keep Moore and Thompson from getting into rhythm, the game could be much closer than it needs to be. JJ should be able to contain Coble. Offensively, if Smooge, Hummel and Grant start off the game shooting well, the Wildcats will have to over-extend their zone and JJ will take over the game.

Hopefully Buckets will make a few threes...and it'd be great to see Reid score for the Paint Crew.

I'm positive Painter won't have his team looking past NU as the Boilers simply stole the last game versus the Cats. Purdue has started only three or four BT games this season quickly...I look for this game to be another rare hot start.

Homered in Ass Hall
IU did everything they could to keep the game close last night...and so did the officials. My favorite moment in the game was when BT official, (Janzen??) came into MSU's huddle to taunt Izzo and make sure he drew a tech from the Spartans' coach. The "T" helped the game go from a 9-point MSU lead, to a two-point game in mere minutes.

Even with the extra help, IU couldn't get it done- thanks for nothing, Forehead...that's the last time I rely on you for anything. MSU is this year's out-right BT men's basketball champ.

Hummel Honored
Robbie Hummel, in spite of his back problems, earned his first BT POY Award from Rivals. Congrats, Ostrich!


Alright Forehead, I don't ask for much...