Bucket Predicto

J says:
As we discussed on the Handsome Hour, Tiller was good at dominating the MAC, Minny, NW and IU but pooped the bed on the road, against ranked teams and esp against UM @ Ann Arbor. Hope, however, beat OSU when they were #7, won @ UM and competed well @ Oregon and vs. UND. Ah, but they lost spectacularly to Minn, NW...and a MAC team. Uh-oh.

Still, I think this team remembers how to dominate IU. And the last two senior Purdue QBs finished their Boilermaker careers by hanging 60 on the Hoosiers. Wouldn't it be great to see Joey (the Duke) do that?

He won't be quite that good, but he'll win.

Purdue 42
Indiana 35

Tim says:
I hate to say it, but the Hoosiers scare me more than I'm comfortable admitting. They've hung tough with some good teams, and they nearly beat a team (Wisconsin) that completely dominated Purdue. What does all that really mean in the end though? They're on a 4 game skid,
that should extend to 5. Purdue lost it's bowl chances last week, and I'm wondering if they'll have lost some of their fight as well.

As has been well documented this week, I doubt that the hate is really there for IU like it used to be. They've been so soft and cuddly the past few years that it's just hard to hate them.

All things considered, Purdue needs this game more than IU (even though they both have no bowling to do), so I think the Boilermakers will get it done. It will be close though.

Purdue 33
Indiana 28

Boilerdowd says:
Plain and simple: If Purdue can tackle consistently, they will win. But, if they come into the game like they did v. MSU and refuse to wrap-up, and are forced into a shootout, I think IU will finally finish-out a team. IU has big, strong receivers that can cause trouble in the open field...and their returners can cause even more havoc. On defense, IU has great DEs, a couple good linebackers and a some talent in the backfield. This is not the same IU team from '08...even if the record tells you otherwise.

I look for IU to get out in front early, possibly on the back of a special teams return for TD...but I also think Purdue will settle down, IU will shoot themselves in the foot, and "The Duke" will end up bringing the bucket back home...rather, Jaycen Taylor will bust a run or two and take advantage of IU speed upfield.

Purdue 30
Indiana 24

To your call once more we rally, Alma Mater, hear our praise;
Where the Wabash spreads its valley, Filled with joy our voices raise.
From the skies in swelling echoes Come the cheers that tell the tale,
Of your vict'ries and your heroes, Hail Purdue! We sing all hail!

Hail, hail to old Purdue! All hail to our old gold and black!
Hail, hail to old Purdue! Our friendship may she never lack,
Ever grateful ever true, Thus we raise our song anew,
Of the days we've spent with you, All hail our own Purdue.

You know how it is in November...Survive and advance.

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