You know how it is in November...Survive and advance.

Purdue fans soak up the pre-game atmosphere in St. Thomas

Purdue beat South Dakota State, 74-63. If I would have seen tonight's game, it might have reminded me of a few last season - Hummel got in early foul trouble and played less than 10 total minutes in the first half...and Purdue rebounded poorly. But, last season, Smooge didn't play this way too often.

I'd give you a link for EsPN's box score...but that doesn't exist. Sure, the BC and Tennessee games both received such a luxury...but they're both ranked higher than Purdue. Oh wait, they're not.

Then again, as a fan, what do we really need? TV- nah. Internet media coverage- nope. I can't wait until they put the muzzle on'll complete the media trifecta.

Smooge drives on a player from the sitcom University "State"

Moore finished with 22 points, 5 assists and 2 steals. Hummel and Johnson had 14 and 13 pts. respectively. Kramer had 5 assists while running the point...Smith hit a few shots off of the bench and Byrd had 6 rebounds...and Barlow played significant minutes. But, he made some Freshman mistakes in the closing minutes- silly foul, a turnover...he'll learn.

Purdue will play the upset-minded St. Joe's Hawks who beat BC by 4. On the other side of the bracket, Tennessee whipped ECU by 39 and scored 105.

After the game, Painter assured everyone that if Purdue played like they did tonight against St. Joe's, they'd lose.

This game seemed to be the type that I can remember Purdue teams losing in the past- poor free throw shooting, poor performances by multiple starters...overall sluggishness. But they didn't- that's good.

They played down to their competition- that's bad.
The really good news is they get to play in two days...this time hundreds will be able to watch as the game is on Fox College Sports in super-low definition. I actually have that because I pay an extra $7/mo, mainly for the NFL network through Comcast.

Have I told you how happy I am with the TV coverage Purdue's gotten this season?

Thanks again to all media outlets involved who have made all of this possible.

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