KHC- Meetingplace for idiots.

You know this- GBI is far and away the best source for Purdue sports info...there's no doubt about that. But, the Knucklehead message board is a bunch of garbage.

Neubert, Karpick and Co. aren't responsible for the dumb discussion over there, and it's a good thing because it's really not worth a damn. I used to enjoy visiting that board as there was almost always good info on there and even if there wasn't, there was some good theory. Now, it's rehashing of the same garbage over and over.

There are a couple of guys over ther who I am positive doubt the mortality of Joe Tiller and are awaiting for his assumption into the heavens. When anything is at all representative of the other side of the argument, they all make sure we should all be bowing at the alter of Joe.

On the other side, there are visitors to that board who believe Tiller is evil incarnate.

Neither side is correct, yet both sides are offended and angered by any other viewpoint...Granted, a bit of that is human nature, but some of it is internet courage and bull-headedness just for the sake of argument.

But maybe that's just it...that's the reason for being of all message boards. It's an outlet...but it might be the only place where some of these virtual people feel like they get any respect or have any voice.

People like Morgan Burke have been known to visit KHC from time to time as have some former, current and even future players...and while I'm a contrarian, I don't know if it does a ton of good for anybody to perpetually bash members of the Purdue family all while calling fellow alums names

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