Delany Only For Big Ten Expansion If It's His Idea

You know those insecure jerks at work who shoot down your ideas but take full credit if they can make it seem like their own? Yeah, I think Jim Delany is like that.

JoePa is making noise about the Big Ten expanding (and, of course, he's not the only one to feel this way) to twelve teams, thus allowing an easy two divisions and a championship game for football. However, Jim Delany isn't having it.

Delany responded to Paterno's comments Monday, saying that while a league championship game has its benefits, particularly from a marketing perspective, expansion requires much more. "It's not the reason you would expand," Delany told

No? What is? This is what I don't like... when someone says something's a bad idea and their justification is a bunch of nebulous, impossible-to-define nonsense.

"The issue has come up with our football coaches a couple times -- with the extra week and if we did expand, would we be more competitive?" Delany said. "I would say in some years they might be right. But has it enhanced the competitiveness of the ACC in football? Has it enhanced the competitiveness of the WAC? I don't know."

What the hell do apples have to do with jelly beans? Why go to any bowl games then? If the Big Ten doesn't look strong and is going to lose the majority of their bowl games, maybe we shouldn't do that, either, then, eh Jim?

Delany was supposedly in favor of the men's basketball tournaments being added in 1998.

"I still think the tournament's a good thing, but it wouldn't be the reason why you'd expand a conference, to have a men's basketball tournament," he said. "It's too big a question."

Wait.... it's "too big a question"? For the Big Ten commissioner? If you can't answer it, Jim, it's time to step down and find someone who can.

Another gem later in the article:

"But the point of it is, [expansion is] a very big issue, it's a fundamental issue and it's a back-burner issue right now."

Big. Fundamental. Back burner. Which of these three doesn't belong? What an idiot.

Paterno mentioned Syracuse, Rutgers and Pittsburgh as possible 12th members for the Big Ten. Delany declined to discuss specific teams from other conferences but said a school would need to fit the Big Ten, not just from a marketing perspective, but with its academic vision, athletic success and commitment, among other factors.

Yes, we wouldn't want to disrupt the conference with a team that doesn't have the winning pedigree of Northwestern basketball or Indiana football. What a bunch of complete bullsh-t.

"There's not an obvious move," Delany said. "There might be to some coaches, including coach Paterno, but it's not as obvious to the university presidents and to the athletic directors."

Yes, and therein lies the problem, Jim. There are obvious moves to most people. And then there are the a-holes such as yourself who are in charge. This is about money, plain and simple. If you could have Notre Dame join, you'd sign up in a second. But the prospect of Rutgers or Pittsburgh (not cash cows) joining is just not appealling from a money-grubbing perspective. But we'll hide behind "academic vision, athletic success and commitment."

"There are a lot [of schools] that could take a lot away, but there aren't a lot that could bring so much to make the choice an easy one. You have to have a lot to make something go like this, and it's broader than really a championship game or a basketball tournament."

More vague baloney. It's "broader" than that? Whatever. Sometimes I wonder why I like college football so much. The end of the season is a joke and the leadership is so arrogant, obnoxious and completely willing to lie to everyone's face.... it just makes me so angry.

Brett Favre is like so 90s.

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