And then...she was gone.

As the evening drew to a close tonight and three very close games were coming to an end, I asked myself, "it's not over, is it?"

Much like a junkie, my drug of choice has kept me going the last four days...for nearly every waking moment, I've been either watching basketball, reading about it, talking about it or writing about it. Now I'm in a desert...a barren, desolate place and my thirst just can't be quenched.
No WBC game or spring training will fill this void as I fight the shakes and rock myself to sleep in the corner of a dark room.

I've watched with friends at party-like atmospheres...and in my depths, I've watched by myself, late at night on the small screen of my computer...and even now, after watching parts of at least 49 games in the last 6 days, I still want more.

Thank God Thursday is just days away, and our Boilers are still in the conversation...they tip-off at 7:07, Eastern.

Not a Chance.

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