Not a Chance.

So, our favorite team gets to face one of the best teams from the best basketball conference the wake of the Huskies two decisive victories in which they looked like they might be playing some of their best basketball of the year. Man, nothing's going our way right now.

Hall of fame coach...All-Conference, if not All-American Center...and blue chip players surrounding their big man.

Hey, at least this is a chance for Purdue's team to see a new part of the country...

UConn doesn't need to read the press clippings, they should already know they're one of, if not the best team in America...and Purdue is just a boring, slow, unathletic team in the most plodding, unexciting conference in America.

Woe are we.

(speed of lightning, roar of thunder...)
We love this role...but don't tell anybody

As The Dust Settles

And then...she was gone.