Purple Predicto: Purdue v. Northwestern

It's that time, ladies and gentlemen...Time for three low-IQ bloggers to make their prediction of how their alma mater's football team will fare in this weeks contest...

Tim says:
I think after two good defensive weeks, the D lets up against a weaker opponent. Until Painter gets pulled, I don't think the offense is going to do anything worthwhile either.

Northwestern - 20
Purdue - 10

J says:

After many of us giving up on the Boilers in recent weeks, the defense has honestly really shown up and played tough. Are they doing enough? No, and not just because the offense can't score at all anymore. They need to do more in terms of pressuring QBs and creating turnovers. I don't care if they need to make their girlfriends run through the house greased up and carrying a loaf of bread while they tackle and try to "strip" them. They need to do something -- more than they're doing. I know it sounds demanding but, honestly, if they'd had a couple of takeaways here and there and maybe one big play on defense (or special teams, for that matter) then they're truly IN both the PSU and OSU games with a legit shot to win them. It sounds like crazy talk but it's not. So yes, I'm pleased the defense still appears to be coming to work every day. The same cannot be said for the offense, but there are those out there who say "I expected us to be 2-4 at this point." Well, good-for-effing-you. Expect mediocrity, that's fine. But even if you did "expect" this, did you also expect Curtis' game to go into the can so badly? I bet you did not.

So Curtis and the Curtisettes need to get back on track. Tardy and Orton can be men among boys out there and Kory has repeatedly shown his explosiveness and is being wasted. Let's hope that Northwestern's porous D is enough to get the boys back on track. I think it might be. It's homecoming in Evanston and I have a feeling Cats fans are chalking this one in the win column, at least as much as they chalk anything into the win column in advance. Let's ruin their homecoming and maybe, just maybe, get the Purdue season sort of back on track. A win here gives at least a glimmer of hope for some fun the rest of the way. A loss here and there's the serious risk of only 1-2 more wins all season.
I'll switch it up and go back to being a positive thinker this week.

Purdue 27
Northwestern 24

boilerdowd says:
I've said it all along, I think Northwestern is a pretender. I've also said over and over that Purdue's team is flat- out not good at this point. It's a damned shame too...I think there is talent in the stable; this Senior class deserves more than a Motor City Bowl-type of season...but much better, at this point seems like pie-in-the sky.

My gut says Purdue loses and Sutton runs wild as Purdue's defense lets down and the offense finally gets clicking.

My head, ironically, says something completely different. It could be my lack of IQ talking, but I think Purdue is going to win handily. I've said it all along, Painter hasn't forgotten how to play the game...he may be poorly coached and ill-prepared, but the guy could sling it for 3 seasons...I doubt he's regressed so far that he no longer knows how to complete 60% of his passes.

The last two losses came at the hands of very good, very well-coached teams...their DBs are fast and smother receivers. I'm not as impressed with NU's corners as I was with PSU's and aOSU's...I am impressed with Purdue's receivers as I've said over and over. I think Painter will actually hit them quite often to the dismay of the 5,000-or-so NU screaming homecoming fans at Ryan Field. I also see Sheets busting at least one big run for a touch...perhaps Coach Z can help him by not calling draw plays on first down??? Or maybe, the coaches will try to get him in space? I know it's a whacky idea, but it might work.

Purdue's defense seems to have its feet under it...so I'm looking for big things from Kerrigan and Baker, specifically. If the three linebackers can do their job by keeping an eye on Bacher and Sutton, those guys will be able to contain the slippery Cat offense.

While Fitzgerald looks a lot like the handsome Drew Brees (I'm OK admitting I have a crush on a man), I don't believe he thinks Purdue's team is as good as he's been telling the press...Much like J, I think he and the rest of the Purdple nation think the Boilers will play dead for them tomorrow.

The ole formula of Tiller-coached teams scoring 30+ points comes into play Saturday...and the Boilers win the 5 game v. a ranked opponent in the last 4.5 seasons...

Purdue 35
Northwestern 24

What you said:
Just over 87% of you, the BS reader thinks Purdue wins this contest...

6:30 PM Madness!

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