6:30 PM Madness!

Since old (read > 22) people can no longer stay up until midnight, Purdue will be having Mackey Madness at the CRAZY time of 6:30 PM. The festivities will be over around 9:30. For those not able to attend, a portion of the Mackey Madness event will be shown live on the Big Ten Network.

In case you haven't notice, and judging by the attendance you haven't, Mackey Madness was canceled while the quick rebuilding process took place. Now it's back.

"I always said when we see improvements in our program, we'll bring it back," Coach Matt Painter said. "Last year we made a big step, so it's the perfect time. If fans come out and support us, if there's a packed house, we'll continue it. If not, we're not going to do it."

"Midnight Madness doesn't help us win games or get better in practice. The hoopla sometimes can get in the way of being blue-collar, of doing your daily business. Maybe I'm old-school but that's just how I think."

How to interpret that last paragraph? I read it as Painter being all about business and all about results. If something doesn't help you produce, then it's unnecessary. That is, it's all about winning. The "other" coach could learn something from that.

hapless. Bye bye bowl.

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