The Predicto - Penn State

We're going to the land where ranch dressing ice cream is made and what does the BS staff think will happen to our boys?

The Predicto Starts, EVENTUALLY! Or right now.


Coming off a redeeming win against Minnesota increases our boy's chances, but remember they haven't played a road game since September 17th against Rice. That will be darn near one month since our boys have worn anything white - also, predicto is gold pants and white tops. The "good news" is that Penn State is without their top receiver so hopefully our occasionally brilliant secondary will be able to exploit the replacements.

I have ill hopes for this game. Purdue hasn't won in Happy Valley since 2004 when PSU was horrible and Purdue had the world by the string - by our standards. TerBush takes the start, does meh, gets hit too much for Marve to be considered a replacement due to any realistic/non-realistic health concerns, and has limited luck until late in the game.

Purdue makes it look closer than it will be: Penn State 21 - Purdue 14


I don't feel good about this one and, frankly, I don't see how you could. Purdue has not shown the kind of prowess and punch-em-in-the-mouth-ness we need to see in order to feel any confidence going into a road game like this. Sure, Penn State is a pretty soft 5-1, but they didn't get to 5-1 by accident, either. Purdue at home only adds to the argument that their record is soft.

As noted on the Handsome Hour, Purdue never wins in Snappy Valley (once, uh, ever) and if Drew Brees couldn't win there, I'm not sure what there is to make us think Caleb TerBush can win there. As always, I'd love to be wrong (should be the name of the site).

I had the opportunity to ride out to State College and go to this game and drink some brews with some of the strapping lads from Black Shoe Diaries and even the prospect of free tickets didn't persuade me. There's not much worse than watching your team lose in front of 100,000+ people who are delighted that your team lost, at least for a guy like me. So I'll be at the Rutgers-Navy game with my brother, taking in a Big East football game with 40,000 of my neighbors. Or in other words, more people than were at Ross-Ade last Saturday. Oh, no he din-nt!

All this negativity said, Penn State is missing their top receiver from an already suspect passing offense. They are (theoretically) coached by a guy who, according to PSUers, could literally be risking his life by standing on the sidelines at this point. And they are as I said, a "soft" 5-1. So if Purdue is going to make a statement and make us all believe that a bowl game will happen, I would say this is the road game where that statement needs to be made. Unfortunately, I've seen nothing to make me think that's going to be the case.

Purdue 10
PSU 21


The good news: Penn State barely beat a miserable IU team. The bad news: Penn State only lost 27-11 against Alabama. Playing the comparison game, I suspect Purdue would lose 85-3 against Alabama. However, I also think that Purdue will crush IU. [Ed. Note: You also think Steak N Shake doesn't count as fast food, so let's keep it all in perspective.] Which Penn State team is going to show up tomorrow? Well, they play much better at home than on the road. Meanwhile, Purdue has only clicked when playing garbage teams. Put it all together and I don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Purdue 10
Penn State 21


Football is a game of second, third and fourth chances. This is the second opportunity for Purdue to prove that it belongs on the field with teams outside of the cellar or FCS. So far this season, when given the opportunity to prove their mettle, our Boilers have fallen short or fallen on their collective faces.

Make no mistake- LaVar Arrington, Ki-Jana Carter and Kerry Collins won't be walking through the door on Saturday. This isn't a PSU team that strikes fear into the elite of the nation, or even the B1G for that matter...but they're still Penn State. So, they've got big, strong fast linebackers, mammoth tackles (on both sides of the ball), speedy and capable skilled players who were highly-touted out of high school.

As our pal Ben from BSD told us during the Handsome Hour, the playcalling system is a mess for the Lions...and they seem to be begging for potential to yield fruit rather than going forward with a guy who is solid at QB. All that said, don't be surprised if PSU finds it's rhythm on offense for the first time this season (other than v. a FCS opponent) and pushes the good guys all around the field.

Go prove me wrong, fellas...I'll be rooting for it.

PSU 24
Purdue 9

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